The Narkomfin building is one of the famous monuments of residential architecture of constructivism in Moscow. The building was designed by architects Moses Ginzburg, Ignatius Milinis and engineer Sergei Prokhorov in 1928 for employees of the People's Commissariat of Finance of the USSR.

The purpose of the book edition is to explain and show the beauty of avant-garde architecture, features of engineering solutions to the layman. One of the architectural features of the house are columns. They are part of the reinforced concrete frame and pass through the whole building. Hence the idea to design the book in such way, that the points symbolized columns. First they meet on the cover. The content of the book shows that each point belongs to one of the book sections.

The book consists of 3 parts. The first part, the introduction, tells about the socio-political context of the 1920s in the USSR. The second part explains in detail the innovative for that time engineering and architectural solutions. The third part begins with the section "Improper exploitation of the building", shows in isometric projections the causes and consequences of terrible state of the house until recently. Also this part contains stories and interviews of residents. There is an archive of photos from the year of construction to the present day at the end of the book.

Year: 2018
Scope: Book concept & design, Illustrations
Design: Daria Kazakova